Follizin Age Freeze Scalp Facials 

The health and size of the hair follicles is closely related to the condition of the scalp itself. One should always take care of the scalp just as one would take care of the face. We usually wash our face more often than our hair, yet most of us will still turn to facial treatments to maintain our skin at its best. However the hair on our scalp trap much more dirt, oil and styling products on our scalp so it is equally important to treat our scalp to a “facial” regularly to ensure a well cleansed and balanced scalp that will continue to grow healthy, strong hair.

Special Features:

  • Natural Enzymes – Exfoliates, softens, and breaks down scalp debris and sebum build-up. Promotes better moisture retention and blood circulation.
  • Apricot Fruit Seed - Tightens skin, unclog pores, reduce wrinkles, and helps to remove dull dead skin cells.
  • HYDRALOK Technology – Breakthrough moisture retention technology.
  • Intensive Scalp Detox Technology - Uses Activated Bamboo Charcal and Tamarind Extract to detoxify, moisturize and tighten scalp skin.
  • Jasmine Flower – Contains natural antiseptic properties and improves blood circulation.
  • Scalp Hydrolipid Balancing Technology - Uses natural plants, fruits, and flowers extracts to activate cells and strengthen scalp skin. 
  • Scalp Regenerating Complex - Improves cell anchoring of the follicle, thus lengthening the Anagen (growth) phase.


  • Scalp Revive Purifying Exfoliator

    Scalp Revive Purifying Exfoliator

    This natural exfoliating treatment deeply cleanses, exfoliates and removes debris, thus normalizing secretion and metabolism. Natural enzymes and amino acids help breakdown metabolites, maintain moisture and increase nutrients intake on the scalp and hair.
  • Intensive Hydrating Masque

    Intensive Hydrating Masque

    Balances the sebum and moisture levels on the scalp, nourishes the outer and inner hair layers with nutrients to create silky smooth, healthy hair. Mucopolysaccharides and amino acids penetrate deeply into hair cells to repair, moisturize and strengthen the hair structure.
  • Purifying Essence

    Purifying Essence

    (Scalp Hydrolipid Balancing Lotion)
    Follizin created a unique blend of active ingredients that reduces the stimulation of the sebaceous glands and normalizes the scalp. Purifying Essence provides powerful anti-oxidizing protection to the scalp, and intense moisturizing effects to calm and relax the scalp.
  • Regenerating Essence

    Regenerating Essence

    (Scalp Optimizing Lotion)
    Follizin created a unique complex of active substances that gives a combined synergetic effect to the scalp. This complex helps regenerate the scalp tissues, creating the optimum environment for healthier scalp and hair.
  • Scalp Pure Age Freeze Detoxifying Masque

    Scalp Pure Age Freeze Detoxifying Masque

    This detoxifying treatment was designed using Intensive Scalp Detox Technology. It uses Activated Bamboo Charcoal and Tamarind Extract to draw out toxins and pollutants such as PM2.5, while moisturizing and tightening our scalp skin at the same time. Its anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties also helps create a better scalp environment for healthy hair growth.