How long do I need to use Intensive Follicle Energizer (IFE)?

As the causes of hair loss are multiple, and will continue to appear or even worsen as we age, it is very important to continue using IFE to help protect the new hair growth and control the loss. Using it regularly will also help maintain the youth of the scalp skin with its age-freeze properties.

What will happen when I stop using IFE completely?

Upon stopping, the follicles can once again be affected by the same and possibly new causes that affected the hair loss and thinning in the first place. The newly grown hair are then susceptible to premature loss as a result of the causes in 3 - 4 months, and the scalp skin will continue to age and loosen.

What type of hair is suitable to use The Cleanser?

The Cleanser is suitable for all types of scalp and hair conditions. If you have an oily scalp, it is recommended to wash 1 – 2 times a day; while people with normal scalp conditions, washing once a day is sufficient; and those with dry scalp can wash on alternate days.

Are The Cleanser and The Moisturizer safe for young children to use?

Absolutely, in fact we highly recommend young children to use this as it does not contain strong surfactants such as SLS, SLES or PARABENS. Researches have shown that SLS and SLES can accumulate in the skin, destroying the skin’s natural protection, or in worse cases they can even affect some development in children.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects. Some people may experience slight itching and flaking, while some may even have small red bumps on the scalp during the first few weeks. Itching can result from the improved blood circulation at the hair follicles, while flaking or red bumps are usually due to the renewal effect on the scalp skin to improve the scalp condition.

I do not have oily scalp can I still use Balancing Cleanser?

Absolutely, everyone can still benefit from the positive effects of the Hydrolipid Balancing Technology of the Balancing Cleanser.

My scalp is very oily, do I still need to use Balancing Moisturizer on my scalp?

Definitely. In fact, we highly recommend using Balancing Moisturizer on very oily scalps to create better hydrolipid conditions for healthy hair growth, as lack of moisture on the scalp will trigger even more sebum production.

Where are the expiry dates for Follizin products indicated at?

All Follizin products are coded and tracked using batch numbers instead of expiry dates. However, it is recommended that the products be used within 24 months after opening for best product quality.

Why are there differences in color/scent?

We use a lot of naturally sourced ingredients in our products. The different harvesting seasons and places of origin for these ingredients may result in slight differences in color, scent and viscosity of the products from different batches.