Age Freeze

The Importance of Scalp Care

Researches done by many scientists revealed that the skin on our scalp ages almost 20 times faster than our facial skin.

This is mostly due to chemical treatments such as hair dyes, permanent waves, straighteners, relaxers, as well as the use of strong surfactants and preservatives such as SLES, SLS and parabens on the scalp skin.

The objective of  Follizin age-freeze management is to “freeze” and reduce aging of the scalp skin, ensuring the epidermal layer remain in its prime youthful condition, slow down sagging and maintaining a young and youthful face.

Clinically Proven Results

80% Reduction in hair loss experienced by all the men and women in the clinical trial after 8 weeks.
69% Increase in hair thickness after 12 weeks.
33% Increase in hair regrowth rate after 12 weeks.


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